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The Amazing Soft team is an all-star lineup of highly-motivated people who love delivering epic software to happy clients. Our key mission is to form longstanding customer relationships – not to prove how brainy we are.
As a team, we have years of combined experience working on: software engineering, project management, app development, design, branding, photography, SEO….the list is very, very long.
Working as a tight-knit, super-creative, tech-company: we’ve had to cultivate a powerful work ethic with teamwork and cold, hard, hustle. Because of this we are incredibly productivity-focused. We like to solve problems quickly – especially under the pressure of a tight-deadline. We pride ourselves on our lateral thinking skills, our ability to synthesize gathered information from internal and external sources. We truly are masters of project management. When we create a plan, we encourage collaboration, teamwork and analysis to decide how we’re going to tackle our next challenge. In this field, an excellent knowledge of administrative law is required. Some ideas are patented, some items difficult to get your hands on.  

We have a keen understanding of how to collect the required resources you need to make your project come to fruition.
We know how to work with complex systems. Our calculated decision making is second to none – and has to be – if we want to carry out our mission. We know how to prioritize the tasks that actually matter. We manage high workflow extremely well – delegating the really important stuff if we have to.
Finally, as an organization we hold ourselves to a core set of values. We care deeply about customer trust, public good, diversity, multiculturalism and environmental issues. We pride ourselves on our conflict management skills and ability to settle disputes – the customer’s needs always take priority.
Remember, for your project we will provide end-to-end support. If any technologies change in the future we will tweak your software to accommodate these changes. Like we said, customer relationships are incredibly important to us.
If you want to work with any of our highly-driven team members, get in touch. 

About us

Name:  Amazing Team

Email:  office@amazingsoft.ro

Office:   Calea Mosilor 59, Bucuresti, RO

Phone:   (+40) 773 933 650

Let us
dream big
with you

Being an entrepreneur, we relate with your vision and appreciate your time. We understand the importance of focusing on your key areas of expertise – and not wasting your time learning code. By releasing you of all software development chores, you can concentrate on the most important areas of your business, saving yourself three crucial resources: time, money and energy. Let us take care of the complex, high-functioning areas of your business, while you can work on the concept and development strategies.
Besides, these days it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the technological evolution

Given the magnitude of IT fields, trying to compete by starting your own team has been demonstrated to be pretty ineffective, if not impossible.
If you hire a specialized company like Amazing Soft – it will prevent you wasting time, money, and other resources vital to your company’s success. Choose us and we’ll make sure – using our expert services – your business will thrive.
With Amazing Soft, you’ll never be left alone! Contacting us via the contact form is the easiest way to ask any questions you may have regarding our services.

Xamarin, Zend
Xd, Ai, Ps
C++, C#, Java, Swift, ASP.NET, Qt

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