Amazing Soft’s state-of-the-art automotive software can save you and your business a lot of money, grow your car security and driving safety. We develop stable, lag-free applications which monitor the performance of your vehicle, asses the accident risks, vehicle security and its passengers.

By integrating your car into the digital-world you can experience benefits such as: saving money on petrol, efficient driving reminders, risk-free engine checks, tax reporting and fuel warnings. Having this important information on your phone and computer board will allow your business to cut its costs significantly.

The security system installed automatically sends notifications with the car location on your phone, or even to the autorities, in the event of an accident, so you can make sure that your vehicle is safe.

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Didn’t find anything that fits you? Do you need more services to communicate each other? No worries! We can offer you a Custom Package that contains the services you need, so you’ll save time and money. Choosing a package is always the best decision. Our experts team will ensure that the app suite is developed using the right libraries, such that the applications to be compatible. Leave in the form all the details and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.