Additional Services

Advertisement Graphics, Graphic Design &

Your story is important, unique and we’re always present when comes about advertisement graphics and graphic design.

We love what we do, we come with creative ideas, we like clean design and we belive in advanced digital solutions. We can build a strong brand based on powerful ideas and concepts.

Your business through a Photograph

Choosing an impeccable product, shooting from a perfect angle, on a simple, clean background which creates a great view of the product in the customer eye. The products must be presented in an attractive manner, but functional as well.

Your business has to be presented through images too, even if you own a restaurant, a hotel or an online shop. We can help you with professional classic, panoramic, or 360 photographs.


Our stategy:
E-mail marketing (collection e-mail addresses through website, sending newsletters, follow-up and push on the owned channels).
Blog posting
Social media marketing (Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc).
SEO (SEO = Search Engine Optimization);

CPC Campaigns (Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Bing Ads)
Affiliate Marketing 
• Other online and offline methods, depending on your budget.

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Didn’t find anything that fits you? Do you need more services to communicate each other? No worries! We can offer you a Custom Package that contains the services you need, so you’ll save time and money. Choosing a package is always the best decision. Our experts team will ensure that the app suite is developed using the right libraries, such that the applications to be compatible. Leave in the form all the details and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.