Smart Systems

Home and business smart-systems have been steadily growing in popularity. We can develop software that enables you to control your home and workplace environment with the tap of a finger.

After installing compatible smart-systems we can provide you with tailor-made applications which are 100% automated and easy to use. Lighting, heating, security – we’ll give you the intelligent solution.


The software is sending you notifications when motion is detected in front of the webcameras. The film is sent to you on your phone and you’ll have different options, for instance „Call 911″,”Ignore”.


When you’re away from home, you’ll get notified in case of emergency.


You don’t need to worry that you’ll hurt yourself in the dark. You can control the lights with your phone.


Control your music player and play or record sounds directly from your application.



Your home temperature can be estabilished with a few minutes before you get home just to have your desired comfort.


You get notified every time, and you can prevent the fires because the app will send alerts to you and the authorities in real time. The alerts may include, location and fire severity.


You can check your doors from distance, or you can give access to your house to other people remotely.


The software can be customized based on your needs and preferences.

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Didn’t find anything that fits you? Do you need more services to communicate each other? No worries! We can offer you a Custom Package that contains the services you need, so you’ll save time and money. Choosing a package is always the best decision. Our experts team will ensure that the app suite is developed using the right libraries, such that the applications to be compatible. Leave in the form all the details and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.