Manage multiple locations

Our application works great for hubs with multiple spaces. It makes it easier to manage multiple spaces from a single application, rather than using multiple accounts.

Online Customers

Whenever a coworker connects to the wi-fi, the application automatically logs him in the system and you can see in real time who is in the hub.

Easily see remaining hours

Forget about Excel and other Office products! With Timonito you can easily view the exact time a user has spent in the hub and the remaining hours for those having hourly memberships.

Plans selling summary

With Timonito is very easy to see the best and worst performing plans. By looking at the Financial stats you can see in-depth graphs of your performance.

Unpaid invoices

Track all invoices and see detailed lists of members that are yet to pay their invoices. Also send them a reminder to pay their bills before their subscription is terminated.

Monthly sales

Every month you can see detailed Financial statistics regarding your plans, number of subscriptions and hours spent by each member at each hub.

Easily see expiring subscriptions

Timonito helps you see all subscriptions that will expire in a specific number of days. The application also allows you to ask the member if he wants to extend his subscription.

Daily load HeatMap

It’s easier than ever to see how many members come to your space each day. Our software allows you to filter by number of members so that you’ll know when to offer discounts to gain a constant number of members in space.

Hourly load HeatMap

You can also break down the map on hour basis so that you can see the exact time interval your space is busiest. Based on this report you can add new membership plans to help you increase the profit generated by your spaces.

User management

Timonito offers you the option to add, edit and delete any member information from the administration panel. It’s easier than ever to have an overview of your members including their most relevant information

Flexible plans

It allows you to define highly customizable plans according to the needs of your business. You can add plans by the hour, day, month or a mix between them. It will also notify you when the subscriptions have expired.

Print invoices from App

With this app printing an invoice can be done with a simple click of a mouse. Save your documents in PDF or just print them right away straight form the App.


Room booking

Your members can book meeting rooms directly from app without any hassle.

Requring invoicing

You can set for each member a plan and a date for which an invoice will be automatically generated.

Invoices generated by users

Before the subscriptions expires, user receives an email which allows him to renew the subscription.

Accounting integrations

Because our software is not an accounting software we will integrate it with an accounting solution like Xero.

Multiple network equipment support

We offer hardware support by extending the compatible network equipment with Cisco and Ubiquiti.